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Media Interviews

Interviewed by Leah Larocque (5 October 2023) for CTV News Ottawa (re: legality of patient fees levied by private clinics).

Interviewed by Carolyn Grunske (November 2022) for TEACH Magazine (re: history leading up to the enactment of Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms).

Interviewed by Dale Smith (2 June 2021) for Xtra Magazine (re: draft order to end Canadian Blood Services' MSM donation policy).

Interviewed by Dale Smith (13 May 2021) for Xtra Magazine (re: litigation relating to Canadian Blood Services' MSM donation policy in Canada (AG) v Karas).

Interviewed by Katie Compton (21 September 2020) for Science Borealis Blog (re: implications of the Supreme Court's Genetic Non-Discrimination Act Reference).

Interviewed by Kerry Dooley Young (10 April 2020) for CQ Researcher (re: impact of medical tourism on destination countries).

Interviewed by Anicka Bakos (31 March 2020) for University of Waterloo Imprint (re: unequal tuition fees between international and domestic university students).

Interviewed by Mike Stubbs (24 March 2020) on London Live, AM980 News (re: Canada's border closure in response to COVID-19).

Interviewed by Teresa Wright (27 March 2019) for the Canadian Press (re: gaps in the reinstated Interim Federal Health Program).

Interviewed by Nicolas Terry (26 October 2018) for The Week in Health Law podcast (re: legal issues facing migrants in need of health care).

Interviewed by Rosemary Barton (9 May 2017) on Power & Politics, CBC News Network (re: service providers' experience with the reinstated Interim Federal Health Program).

Interviewed by Yves Faguy (24 April 2017) for CBA National Magazine (re: extension of Charter rights to non-citizens).​​

Interviewed by Shannon Lough (13 October 2015) for Canadian Medical Association Journal (re: health care responses for Syrian refugees).

Interviewed by Karen Seidman (14 February 2015) for the Montreal Gazette (re: pros and cons of medical tourism).

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