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Opinion Pieces


Chen, Y.Y.B.​, Chung, J., & Duhme, H. (2021, June 3). Canada's treatment of migrant workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. City Law Forum.

Chen, Y.Y.B.​ (2020, August 3). Supreme Court decision on genetics law missed a critical opportunity to hold Parliament more accountable.

  • French translation published in La Presse (2020, August 3).


Chen, Y.Y.B.​, & Liew, J.C.Y. (2020, March 19). Border closure may not be legal and won't stop spread of COVID-19. Toronto

  • Reprinted in Hamilton Spectator (2020, March 24) A8, St. Catherine Standard (2020, March 24), Peterborough Examiner (2020, March 24), (2020, March 24), Niagara Falls Review (2020, March 24), Welland Tribune (2020, March 24), The Hill Time (2020, March 25), Waterloo Region Record (2020, March 25) A6.

Chen, Y.Y.B. (2018, October 1). We must not exclude irregular migrants from health care. Globe and Mail.

  • French translation published in La Presse (2018, December 5).

Chen, Y.Y.B.​, Liew, J.C.Y., & Gruben, V. (2017, May 9). Refugees once again have full health benefits, but some practitioners still don't know that.

Chen, Y.Y.B. (2015, September 21). The fastest way to help refugees is to pay for their healthcare. National Post, A11.

​Chen, Y.Y.B. (2013, December 12). Ontario right to fix Ottawa's mistake on refugee health care. Toronto Star, A27.

Chen, Y.Y.B. (2012). Letter to the editor: The SOGC position on federal budget cuts to the Interim Federal Health Program. Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada, 34, 809-810.

​Chen, Y.Y.B. (2012, May 23). Refugee health-care cuts threatens everyone's access. Toronto Star, A27.

Chen, Y.Y.B. (2012, May 21). Changes to Refugee Health Care Program need reconsideration. The Hill Times, 15.

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